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ISF Golden Star · Eng

ISF's Local Fundraising and Marketing Coordinator Eng spearheaded ISF Superhero Fun Run - ISF's first-ever charity running event.

On Sunday, 1 May, over 300 participants gathered on Koh Dach Island. Excitedly chatting in the early morning air, athletes changed into white shirts emblazoned with “ISF Superhero Fun Run” and stood in small groups stretching.

ISF Superhero Fun Run is ISF Cambodia’s first local charity running event. The inaugural event organised by ISF’s Local Fundraising and Marketing Coordinator Kim Try Eng was a massive success - reaching athlete capacity, raising awareness, and earning over US$9,000 for ISF's Education Programme.

Partnering with the Khmer Amateur Athletics Federation (KAAF), nearly 20 local sponsors, and multiple volunteers, Eng and the ISF team were thrilled when more than 300 runners pre-registered for the event. With local press covering the event, images circulating on social media, and partners promoting ISF's mission, the event made massive strides in locally promoting ISF's mission and vision.

Reflecting on the event, Eng shares: “After the charity run, we got 99% positive feedback from the participants. After seeing the success, there’s a good chance that this event will happen at least once a year. We will continue to use the charity run as an opportunity for local fundraising, raising awareness, and getting everyone involved with ISF’s work and mission in a fun way.”

Historically, Cambodia’s development sector has received the majority of its funding from foreign aid. Local fundraisers and events like ISF Superhero Fun Run provide sustainable funding sources while empowering the local community.

Gratefully, Eng explains: “The event would not have been possible without the support of my colleagues, the generosity of our sponsors, and the help from our volunteers and our incredible local community.” With high hopes for the future, Eng and the team have already started planning the next event. Next year, she hopes ISF can welcome 1,000 athletes to the charity run.

About ISF Golden Star:

ISF Cambodia’s life-changing work is only made possible through our incredible community’s support. To show our appreciation and raise awareness of the significant contributions of our global network, ISF created “ISF Golden Star”. Each month, ISF will recognise a person or a group who has positively impacted our mission and helped make a difference, one child at a time.

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