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Football for All Abilities Project

ISF’s coaches hope to continue increasing accessibility by learning and integrating goalball into the football curriculum.

Goalball is a team sport designed exclusively for athletes with visual impairments. Utilised as a way to rehabilitate World War II veterans who had lost their sight during service, goalball is now an international sport played in the Paralympics. To understand the sport and integrate accessible opportunities into ISF’s Football Programme, 14 coaches joined Ms Sokh Sorphea, an instructor from the National Paralympics of Cambodia, to learn the rules, practice, and play.

With support from four former national players, ISF’s football coaches spent half a day learning goalball’s rules and one day playing an official match. Taking turns, the coaches each acted as player, referee, and coach to understand the multi-facets of the sport and improve their techniques in both teaching and playing.

Committed to equitable opportunities and understanding the health benefits and lifelong skills from active participation and sport, ISF founded the Football for All Abilities Project. ISF’s Football for All Abilities Project is a sports programme that provides opportunities for people with disabilities.

Although goalball hasn’t been integrated into ISF’s sports curriculum yet, ISF’s Football Coordinator Borann Sok recognised the value and importance of offering diverse opportunities within the programme: “To my thinking, goalball is a good sport for vision impaired and blind athletes. It promotes teamwork, accountability, paying attention, and respect while encouraging athletes to become a part of a larger, global community.”

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