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World Bicycle Day

Promoting Accessibility, sustainability, and health and wellbeing

Since 2010, ISF has provided over 850 bicycles to students marginalised by poverty. 12-year old Nita* is one of the students who has received a bicycle through ISF’s Education Programme. Like many of her peers, Nita lacks reliable transportation to and from school. After her parents’ divorce, Nita moved in with her grandmother and aunt. As the sole earner for the family, her aunt couldn’t afford state school, least of all, a bicycle or reliable transportation. Travelling by foot every day, Nita faced safety concerns, and her long commutes increased her likelihood of tardiness or poor attendance.

ISF is committed to providing the resources for educational success. Our team provides bicycles and helmets to Catch Up and State School students who meet certain criteria - living a certain distance from school, earning good grades, and lacking reliable transportation or financial means to purchase their bike.

Although she lives within the criteria’s radius, Nita’s good grades and strong work ethic influenced one of ISF’s social workers to recommend her for a bicycle. Recognising that walking every day was tiring, time-consuming, and a safety hazard, Nita was thrilled to receive a bicycle from ISF this year. Aware of her environmental impact, Nita notes that “Cycling has multiple benefits - it protects your health from serious disease, but it also reduces noise pollution and the need for new parking lots and roadways while reducing greenhouse gas emissions.”

Since our foundation, ISF has provided bicycles for our student body - improving accessibility for disadvantaged youth while encouraging regular physical activity and adopting sustainable means of transportation.

This week, in recognition of the United Nations World Bicycle Day, our team is holding a week-long campaign to raise US$525, which will provide bicycles and helmets to 15 students marginalised by poverty. Help us fight school dropout rates and make a difference, one child at a time.

*Names have been changed to protect privacy.

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