Our holistic programmes offer sustainable
solutions to escape the cycle of poverty.

ISF Cambodia is a Cambodian-based NGO dedicated to alleviating poverty for disadvantaged youth through equitable access to education, healthcare, and sport. In Cambodia, extreme poverty forces marginalised children out of the school system. In fact, UNICEF reported in 2019 that only 5% of Cambodia's poorest youth will graduate from secondary school.


Across the country, many families depend on their children to contribute financially. Socio-economic barriers coupled with a lack of education and limited opportunity strips youth of their childhood. ISF Cambodia has over 15 years of experience creating sustainable pathways out of poverty. Through a holistic model that integrates transferable skills with education, community development, and sport, the award-winning NGO provides life-changing opportunities across the country. 


ISF Cambodia's Education Programme provides holistic support to students from enrollment to gainful employment or financial independence. While students are enrolled in our programme, our team provides multi-faceted support to ensure students stay enrolled, including free healthcare, daily meals, family food support, school resources, and extracurriculars. 



Our Catch-Up Education Programme is an accelerated curriculum for students who have never been to school, or who have been forced to drop out due to extreme poverty. Our programme follows the standard Khmer curriculum.


Once students have caught up to their age-appropriate grades, our team helps them enrol in their local state school. Our education team continues to offer ICT and English classes to supplement their education.


As students near the end of their state school career, ISF Cambodia's  Employment Programme provides the resources and mentorship to support students through a University-level education or obtain gainful employment. 



In Cambodia, sporting opportunities are rare. At ISF Cambodia, we're committed to increasing accessibility nationwide. Our award-winning Football Programme is host to the country's largest organised youth football tournaments and leagues and our curriculum incorporates relevant social impact issues such as gender equality, alcohol and drug abuse, and domestic violence.

Football for All-Abilities

Our Football for All-Abilities Project works with stigmatised athletes marginalised by ability. Committed to equity in athletics, our coaches work with athletes who are blind or visually impaired, deaf or hard of hearing, HIV-positive, intellectually disabled, or athletes who use wheelchairs.

AIA - ISF Youth League

AIA - ISF Youth League is Cambodia's largest organised football league for youth. In a commitment to increase accessibility, the league expanded its reach into four provinces  - providing regular competitive sporting opportunities for nearly 2,000 youth across the country.

Annual tournaments

We host three annual tournaments: ISF Girls' Tournament, the Ian Thompson Memorial - ISF Boys' Tournament, and the Tournament for Deaf or Hard of Hearing. Welcoming hundreds of athletes from our partner schools and organisations, teams travel upwards of eight hours each way to participate. 


To ensure our programmes exist to serve the wider community, ISF Cambodia works with local leaders and officials to lift up entire communities while promoting education and literacy.



ISF Cambodia works with members of our community to open community libraries - providing our students and community with a safe place to study and read. Dually, these centres promote education and literacy within communities we serve.


Our Sewing Project provides mothers and women in our community the skills to sew - offering women the resources and knowledge to earn higher wages and gain financial stability and independence.