jumpstart a better life

ISF and its supporters are challenged to break the world record for most jumps online, in August fundraiser organised by AIA and ISF.

Every jump posted on social media in August will help break world record and raise funds to educate disadvantaged Cambodian children.


AIA, the leading life insurer, is celebrating its five-year anniversary in Cambodia by launching a new challenge called “Jumpstart A Better Life. Cambodians are asked to photograph themselves jumping and post it on social media. Every person taking part in August will help us take the world record for the most jumps posted online in a month. Each jump will also result in AIA donating 1,000 riels to award-winning education NGO ISF Cambodia, to fund disadvantaged children to get back into the classroom. 

AIA and ISF hope to get 250,000 people to jump by the end of August, and are promoting the record attempt and fundraiser through videos launched online. The challenge aims to get Cambodians to jump as a way of kick starting their own better health and of helping others. The jump should be photographed and posted on Facebook using the hashtag #JumpstartABetterLife. The post should also be made public to count.

The money raised will be invested in ISF’s Catch-up Education Programme. This Programme helps young children who have been unable to get an education to catch up, return to school, and take steps towards a brighter future. If 250,000 people take part in the challenge, that will raise over $60,000, enough to support 40 children through the programme, including support with education, healthcare, nutrition, extra classes, sport and comprehensive family support.

The campaign will be promoted through AIA and ISF’s social media channels throughout August, and will be supported and shared by a range of Cambodian influencers including Cambodian national footballers and media personalities. Television celebrities including Chourp Sopheak, Chea Vannarith, and Heng Keo Nita have already contributed their jumps, with more to sign up soon. The campaign will run until the end of August.

AIA has supported ISF’s award-winning Football Programme its first year working in Cambodia. It has supported the organisation’s Youth League, which reaches the most disadvantaged children with sports and learning opportunities. Before AIA began to support the League, it was able to reach Phnom Penh only: now there are fixtures as far afield as Battambang, Kampot and Siem Reap, and more than 7,000 young athletes have benefited.

The new challenge is part of a larger AIA Cambodia campaign called “Jumpstart A Better Life”, which aims to make a positive difference in Cambodian lives by promoting better physical and mental wellbeing. This aligns with the AIA Group’s AIA One Billion initiative, which aims to help 1,000,000,000 people in Asia live healthier, longer and better lives by asking them to embrace a healthy lifestyle and secure a healthier planet.


How to participate:

  1. Jump and take a photo or video

  2. Post it on Facebook and make the post PUBLIC

  3. Use the hashtag #JumpstartABetterLife

Tag your friends and families to join this challenge so that they can help Cambodian children!


For those who don’t use Facebook, please send a photo of video jumping as an individual or a group to ISF Facebook page.